The story behind “Tango for Two”

“Tango For Two” has always had a bit of a soft spot in my heart – it is my favorite composition so far.

Why exactly, I am not sure. The idea for writing a tango came one time at a Christmas party in early December of 2020 (or 2021 – after all that’s happened, it’s tricky to pinpoint). Everyone was having a great time and we were taking turns playing the piano and improvising. As a joke, someone grabbed a rose, put it in their teeth and started dancing! I was playing the piano at that moment and joined in with a (rough) interpretation of Bizets “Carmen”.

After the first few bars, we had a pretty good ‘jam-session’ going!

Sure, the dancing wasn’t great and neither was the music but we were all having fun. I played along and as I drifted away from “Carmen” the first ideas for Tango for Two were born.

A few days later, the first sketches were finished. It took a few tries to get a recording that I liked and we were off! We did the recording at home since it was in the middle of a COVID lockdown, the audio turned out alright. Personally, I really like the colour and contrast of the piece – but I suppose my opinion is biased. After concerts where I have played “Tango”, I have gotten lots of great feedback. Perhaps it should be more regular of a feature on future programmes…

  • January 6, 2023